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Grauw - about

Name: Laurens Holst
Nick: Grauw
Occupation: Game developer
Hobbies: Programming, music (synths), gaming, anime, TV, reading.
Skills: MSX Z80 assembly, Java, C#, JS, XHTML, CSS, PHP, and a bit AGE5 gfx.


I started MSX assembly programming when I was about 12, 13 years old. Before then I programmed some Basic and also know a little Logo ;). Currently I am keeping the MSX spirit alive with some programming and writing an article once in a while.

I worked on quite some projects which I never finished, such as a bunch of games and a tcp/ip stack. Of the things that were finished, you might remember the disk magazine Track and a couple of music disks by the Dutch group Datax and Belgian group Kenda. Also I used to organise the MSX fair in Bussum.

Nowadays, aside from giving the MAP occasional updates, I am working on the Glass Z80 Assembler, and Synthesix, which turns your MSX into a modular MIDI Synthesizer.

Grauw @ MAP

I joined in this project because a site such as this one has already been on my wishlist, and when I heard about MAP I liked it instantly. I have created the MAP site design, and I wrote many of the MAP’s articles.

Some of my contributions: