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Contributing to the MAP

If you would like to see something added to this site, or if you have any comments about the content, feel free to email us about it! We can make mistakes, and we don’t always know what’s best either, so any feedback is appreciated. If you want to submit something for publication on this site, you can email it to us as well. Our contact address is .

If you want to contribute more directly to the MAP like write articles about a certain subject, or digitize some documents, or making editorial changes yourself, we’d really appreciate it. Submitting changes to the MAP’s source code usually expedites the process of getting things online :).

The MAP source code is stored in a Mercurial repository. There is a tutorial explaining how to get the sources and start making changes.

Additionally, there is a tutorial on the document format and conventions used on the MAP. Note that on most browsers, the pages are served as XML, so be sure to verify your changes pages in a browser that is not Internet Explorer.