MSX Assembly Page


The MSX Assembly Page (MAP) group's target is to support the beginning as well as the more advanced MSX programmer by providing them with high quality information about the MSX and its programming tools. The primary, however not only focus being the assembly programming language. For that purpose an internet information distribution channel is set up, by and for the MSX community. The members of the MAP group will collect and write information and publish it in easy accessible format on the MSX Assembly website. The MAP has no commercial target; all activities are done by volunteers on non-profit basis.

Please be aware that all articles published on the MAP website remain the intellectual property of the author, often members of the MAP group, and may not be redistributed without consent. By making content such as articles, source code and programs available to the MSX Assembly Page the author gives permission to publish it on the website and in other publications by the MAP group. Programs built with source code published on this site need to abide by the license under which such code is distributed; if no license is explicitly mentioned then it can be assumed that only attribution is asked for.

The members of the MAP group have the obligation to make the information available on the internet for long-term. When the group can no longer guarantee the availability of the information by itself, for example because the web page maintenance activities of the group have ended, the information will be made available to the public on the usual archives such as Funet.